Nearly 40% of food cultivated or produced globally gets wasted.

For Africa, the figure is almost 50%, enough food to feed at least 300 million people anually.

We are CURRENTLY WORKING on a solution to reduce food waste, ensuring farmers make more money and buyers / consumers get cheaper produce.

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  • Agriple is being developed to significantly reduce farm to fork time for farm produce, thereby minimizing food waste. This will ensure farmers make more money for their efforts, while consumers get cheaper and fresher produce anywhere they are in the country.
  • This project is still at the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage and will be launched in the coming months. Please register as a Farmer Partner or Buyer/Consumer Partner by clicking on the corresponding links on the homepage; you will be contacted once this project launches.
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  • Each year one-third of all food produced for human consumption—1.3 billion tons—is lost before it reaches retailers. Unfortunately, 40 percent of the food that does reach retailers is never eaten up but thrown away. This is enough food to feed all the 1.2 billion hungry or undernourished people on the planet. In Africa, the bulk of wasted food is from post-harvest loss and consumer preferences. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the amount of food wasted in Africa is enough to feed 300 million people. This clearly suggests that Africa actually produces more than enough to feed itself.
  • Consequently, while some people have more than enough food to eat and waste, others suffer from hunger and starvation, widening the inequality gap, and costing farmers billions of dollars in annual revenue. Solving this problem is what keeps us awake at night, and the reason why we are developing Agriple.
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